Humantay Lagoon Full Day Trek

Cusco,Anta,Laguna Humantay

  • Time Full day
  • Tour Type Hike
  • Altitude 4200 m.a.s.l.
  • Place Cusco
  • Difficulty Moderate
+51 979 711 874

Trip Description

Embark on a trek to the jewel of the Andean mountains.

Peru’s majestic mountains harbor countless treasures in their valleys: lagoons of blue, turquoise, green, yellow and red hues. In the midst of them, one of Cusco’s most dazzling jewels stands out: the Humantay Lagoon (4,200 m / 13,780 ft). Its emerald waters and the imposing presence of an immaculate white glacier merge in dazzling harmony.

No photograph can capture the true beauty of this natural wonder, so you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful lagoon during your stay in Cusco. With Salkantay Trekking, you will enjoy a day away from the city and go deep into nature to know the Humantay Lagoon. Without a doubt, it is a destination not to be missed and the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Cusco.

Short itinerary

  • 4:00 AM We will pick you up at your hotel in our private vehicle and take you to the trailhead.
  • 7:00 AM Enjoy breakfast in our restaurant at the trailhead.
  • The hike lasts about 1.5 hours through an ascending trail in a desert valley, from where you can fully appreciate the glaciers. There is also the option of going up on horseback, which is included in the package.
  • The descent back to the parking lot, where our vehicle is located, takes approximately 1 hour.
  • 12:30 PM at our restaurant, a buffet lunch will be offered.
  • After lunch, we return to Cusco in our van.
  • The tour will conclude in Cusco around 6:00 pm, and transfer to your hotel will be provided.

Complete itinerary

We offer the best day tours from Cusco. We pick up participants from their hotels at 04:10 am to start an incredible day of adventure to Humantay Lake. After approximately two hours, we will arrive to the town of Mollepata, where breakfast and lunch will be served. After breakfast, we will continue in our mobility for an hour until we reach Soraypampa. After a brief rest, we will begin an uphill hike of approximately two hours until we reach the impressive turquoise lagoon of Humantay. There, the guide will provide information and there will also be free time of approximately 40 minutes. We will return after lunch, which will last approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. At the end of the tour, we will return to Cusco in our van, leaving the participants in the center of the city (San Francisco square) or in their respective hotels, with an estimated time of arrival between 17:00 and 18:00 hours.

End of our services.

  •  Duration: Full day
  •  Frequency: Every day, pre-reservation
  •  Group: Maximum 18 people
  •  What’s Included: Tourist transport bus, Official guide, Breakfast, Lunch, Drop-off (ends in the city center).

What's included

What’s Included:

  • We offer an optional briefing one day before the tour at our RAP TRAVEL offices. In case you are unable to attend, if you have additional questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp.
  • Pick up at the Hotel.
  • Private Tourist Transportation (Minibuses of 15 or 20 passengers).
  • 01 Breakfast and 01 Lunch buffet (vegetarian and vegan options at no additional cost).
  • Entrance Tickets (for the Humantay Lagoon).
  • Professional Bilingual Guide.
  • First aid kit (with Oxygen Balloon).

Not Included:

  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses
  • Horses


Recommendations – What you need:

  • Waterproof jacket / rain poncho.
  • Warm jacket, hat and gloves
  • Comfortable pants
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen cream (factor 35 recommended)
  • Reusable plastic or metal water container or camel bags.
  • Personal medications
  • Camera



Humantay Lagoon Trek Full Day Tour


Minimum 02 people

Tour Summary

  • 4:00 am Pick up at your hotel
  • 7:00 am Enjoy breakfast
  • The hike lasts about 1.5 hours (horse optional)
  • The return descent (Approx 1 hour)
  • 12:30 pm Lunch
  • We return to Cusco in our van.
  • The tour will conclude in Cusco around 6:00 pm.
  • Transfer to your hotel.

What is included in the tour

  • We offer an optional briefing the day before the tour.
  • Pick up at the hotel.
  • Private Tourist Transportation to and from Cusco (15 or 20 passenger minibuses).
  • 01 Breakfast and 01 Lunch buffet
  • Entrance Tickets (for the Humantay Lagoon).
  • Professional Bilingual Guide.
  • First aid kit (with Oxygen Balloon).


Frequently asked questions from travelers

From what age is it recommended to do the tour to the Humantay Lagoon?

Due to the low temperatures and the intense cold in the area near the Salkantay snow-capped peak, it is suggested that the tour to the Humantay Lagoon be done by people of legal age. In the case of minors, they can participate in the tour under the responsibility of an adult.

What is the best season for the tour?

The best season for the Humantay Lagoon tour is during the dry season (April to October) with stable weather and less rainfall. In the rainy season, there is more vegetation and the roads are less traveled.

Do I need to have travel insurance for the tour?

It is recommended to have travel insurance for the Humantay Lagoon tour, although it is not mandatory. Travel insurance provides protection in case of injury, illness, loss of luggage or trip cancellations.

Do I need to acclimatize before the tour?

Yes, it is advisable to acclimatize before the tour to the Humantay Lagoon. The lagoon is at a high altitude and it is important that your body gradually adjusts to the altitude to prevent altitude sickness. It is suggested that you spend at least a couple of days in Cusco or in lower altitude areas before embarking on the tour. During this time, it is important to rest, hydrate adequately, avoid intense physical exertion and eat light meals. Acclimatization will help you enjoy the tour more comfortably and safely.

Where is the Humantay Lagoon?

The Humantay Lagoon is located in the Cusco region of Peru. It is located in the Andes Mountains, near the snow-capped Salkantay. To reach the Humantay Lagoon, you must hike from the town of Soraypampa, which is approximately 3 hours drive from the city of Cusco.

What are the colors of the Humantay Lagoon due to?

The colors of the Humantay Lagoon are the result of the combination of minerals, sediments, sunlight and atmospheric conditions, which creates a beautiful and distinctive palette of colors in this stunning body of water.

Can I go without a tour to the Humantay Lagoon?

It is possible to visit Humantay Lagoon without a tour, but you must be physically prepared and follow the established routes. Get up-to-date information, bring plenty of water, and communicate your plan to someone. Consider joining a tour or seeking the company of a guide if you don’t feel confident or comfortable.

Are there any campsites near Humantay Lagoon?

There are campsites near Humantay Lagoon. Tour operators offer camping there, but permits are required and regulations must be followed. Contact local agencies for more information.


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